Promoting the emplyAbility and enTrepreneurship of High education graduates throuh innovative WAYs in the Philippines

The PATHWAY project is the newest addition to the Erasmus+ projects of Benguet State University in 2021. It aims to enhance the entrepreneurship and employability culture of Higher Education institutions in the Philippines to meet labor market needs and governmental reforms. BSU is one of ten partners in the PATHWAY program (2 SUCs, 3 private HEIs, 2 NGOs, CHED, 1 university in France, 1 university in Spain).

BSU PATHWAY team attended the kick- off meeting on February 23, 2021 together with BSU President Felipe Salaing Comila.

Dissemination and Visibility was given to the BSU PATHWAY Team. Project Leader Ramon Fiangaan and Jennyline Tabangcura crafted and presented the Dissemination and Visibility Plan to the PATHWAY Consortium. The BSU team actively attended the Pre and Kick- off meeting, and 5 Virtual Coordination Meetings. They were also able to conduct a Focus Group Discussion for the Feasibility of PATHWAY Project on April 17, 2021.

Office of the Student Services, College of Agriculture, College of Home Economics and Technology, International Relations Office

February 2021 – 2023


Curriculum Development for AgroEcology

For the Curriculum Development for AgroEcology, BSU is tasked for Dissemination and Exploitation. With this, the prooject staff produced Articles, Photo Stories, Categorized as Online dissemination initiatives and actions by the consortium and other partners. These includes sharing of posts from the CDAE website and Facebook Page.

The CDAE was also able to host events such as press conferences, Workshops, Broadcast dissemination. This aims to present the project in the local, regional, national and international. There were 3 presentationss conducted by Philippines partners two from BSU and one fro CLSU. BSU was also hosted by the Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic.

For BSU, there are four conducted activities for the stakeholders. These activities are for the preparation for the of Master Science curriculum development, course syllabus, harmonization of the European Credit Transfer System and Philippine Credits System.

College ot Agriculture

March 2020 – (2022 as BSU Secretariat)



ANTENA is an international project that aims to increase the academic quality and research of universities in the Philippines through the development of internationalization capacities.

In 2021, the ANTENA Program is on its third year. Benguet State University continually collaborated with the consortium through the International Relations Office. The BSU ANTENA team attended 4 coordination meetings, 2 online conferences (International Virtual Mobility and International Accreditation) and 1 Virtual Fair of Capacity Building for Higher Education.

One of the accomplishments of the ANTENA Consortium is the finalization of the IRO Management Guide for Philippine HEIs which gives direction to Higher Education Institutions a direction towards Internationalization. Each Consortium member were tasked to disseminate a copy to other non-member HEIs in the country.

On December 3, 2021, a meeting was conducted to discuss the about the ANTENA In-Net. The ANTENA In-Net is a consortium of Philippine HEIs which aims to strengthen and structure the collaboration of the universities in the country in the field of Internationalization for Higher Education. Moreover, the consortium chose Laurene Chua-Garcia the Secretary General making De La Salle the ANTENA University Headquarters.

March 2019 – 2022

Project Status

Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education

The Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education (INNOTAL) project aims to build the capacity of universities in the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India to embed graduates’ employability in their core activities and to facilitate the development of student talent through co-curricular and extracurricular innovation activities. The project partnership involves 5 EU partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Finland and the UK, and 10 Partner Country universities: 4 from India, 2 from Sri Lanka, 2 from Nepal and 2 from the Philippines. Benguet State University is one of the university-grantee in the Philippines together with Ifugao State University.

The duration of the project is 36 months, starting in November 2017 and ending in October 2020. Due to the CoViD-19 Pandemic, the project is extended until September 2021. The INNOTAL project is lodged at the BSU- ATBI/IC as the project lead while OSS and HRDO are the project members.

For 2021, the BSU INNOTAL Team conducted series of capacity-building workshops and activities. An activity titled “ Train the Trainer Echo Webinar” is a 5-day activity conducted on May 31, June 2, 4, 8 and 10. The training intends to cascade the Entrepreneurial Education shared by the University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria) and Ulster University (UK) to the local stakeholders.

Moreover, BSU INNOTAL Team conducted an Information Dissemination Webinar on September 30,2021. The webinar aimed to inform interested stakeholders on the INNOTAL Project, its activities and accomplishment. It also served to promote the Talent Co-Creation Lab.

Project Duration:
November 2017 – September 2021

Project Status

Building stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and technical-vocational training  (TVET) systems

The Access and Competitiveness through Internationalisation of Higher Education (ACT-IHE) is a three-year project between the British Council and the Commission on Higher Education. This collaboration seeks to widen the access of learners to quality higher education and to build the competitiveness of Filipino universities.

ACT-IHE forms part of the Going Global Partnerships programme . Going Global Partnerships connects universities, colleges, education policymakers, civil society organisations and industry partners in the UK and around the world. 

This programme offers vital international opportunities – the chance to build relationships, to share ideas and good practice, to access grant funding for collaborative partnerships and more. Through this work, the programme contributes to stronger, more inclusive and globally connected tertiary education systems which support economic and social growth.

Project Status

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