The office supports the internationalization of Benguet State University through these five programs:

Program 1:

Capacity–Building For Internationalization

This program focuses on the international capacity building projects lodged in the University and also the evaluation of potential partners.

Program 2:

Internationalization Of Academic Engagements

This program focuses on improving BSU’s academic programs. It aims to expand the academic collaborations with partners to increase faculty and student mobility engagements and knowledge product sharing. It is also to support students in international competitions, trainings, special programs and short-term exposures.

Program 3:

Internationalization Of Research Engagements

This program is to strengthen the research institutes’ internationalization efforts, increase research outputs through enhancing faculty-researcher capabilities and also to encourage university, researchers to become internationally engaged. This requires cooperation in research projects such as authorship of research papers and publication of research outcomes in foreign journals.

Program 4:

Promotion of Multinational Atmosphere in the University

This program focuses on promoting multinational atmosphere in BSU through international exposures of faculty, researchers, staff and students. Activities in this program are conduct home-based/ borderless IZN and increasing international linkages and expand the networks to help enhance its academic reputation. Also a compliance to the QS Stars Standards for IZN.

Program 5:

Services and Support System for Internationalization

This program focuses on the improvement of BSU services and support systems for internationalization. It also looks after the physical space where IRO activities takes place; the creation of new policies and revision of existing ones and the conduct of information activities to facilitate the delivery of services of the International Relations Office.